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College-Ave is your online superstore for apartment supplies. Working as an intern and moving to a new apartment with people from all over the world is an exciting and sometimes stressful thing, but we can make it easy for you to get the supplies you need to make your apartment a home away from home. We have the supplies you need to get much needed rest, personalize your space, and share your apartment knowing your stuff is secure. Your apartment supplies are important; you’ll use them every day! So make sure you browse around and find everything you’ll need for your time in Orlando. College-Ave specializes in not only the essential products, we also carry a number of cool, unique products like gifts for your friends and gear for your time off, from study aids to flip flops for your relaxing time by the pool!


Making life in a new apartment comfortable, convenient, and all around more enjoyable is what we aim to do. And to keep it affordable, we offer our selection of apartment supplies all at student discount prices. Shopping for your apartment should be fun, after all. So to be well prepared, make that shopping list and start checking off items. You can pre-order prior to your arrival and your order will be ready and waiting for you!