About College-Ave

Supplies for Apartment Living

The Grid is your Neighborhood Marketplace at The Commons where you will find everything you need - groceries, cleaning supplies, prepared foods, sweet and salty snacks and ice-cold beverages. We also carry health and beauty items, office supplies and now can help you with your bedding and apartment needs too!


The Grid at The Commons has partnered with College-Ave to bring you the supplies you will need to settle into your new apartment in comfort and style. Pre-order prior to your arrival and we will have your order ready and waiting for you!


College-Ave is your online superstore for apartment supplies. Working as an intern and moving to a new apartment with people from all over the world is exciting and sometimes stressful, but we make it easy for you. We know just what will be needed to make your apartment comfortable and all-around conducive to your success. We have all the supplies you need to make your apartment a comfortable home away from home and help you get much needed rest while personalizing your space and keeping your stuff secure. We even have gifts for your new friends and gear for your time off, from study aids to flip flops for your relaxing time by the pool. When shopping for your apartment, College-Ave is your one-stop shop. Our goal is clear and simple: we'll provide great products, all at student-discount prices, so as to help you enjoy your time in Orlando.


With so many items that you'll need, where should you begin? First and foremost, you'll need apartment bedding.


With a selection of hundreds of comforters and other bedding accessories, you'll find plenty of choices and only low prices with College-Ave. Whether you're looking for cotton, microfiber, plush, or other types of comforters, you'll find all your apartment bedding supplies right here.


Your supplies extend beyond basic bedding, of course. So shop around and pick up some other essentials such as area rugs, mini futons and other furniture, decor items, and trunks for carrying supplies. Shopping for your apartment should be fun and low-cost, whether you're checking off necessities from your shopping list or you're browsing for some cool accessories.


And if you're not sure what you'll need, check out all of our categories of supplies. With items geared toward making life in an apartment more comfortable, convenient and fun, you'll come across plenty of products you won't find in stores.


Cool and unique apartment supplies are our specialty, meaning you'll be well-prepared to customize your living space to fit your needs.